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Red Avenue

Founded in 1999, Red Avenue is one of the world's most important suppliers and service providers of chemical materials for tires and rubber.

At the beginning of its establishment, Red Avenue was engaged in the business agency of chemical materials for tires and rubbers of world-renowned brands. With integrity and special service methods, it has gradually become a long-term partner of major tire and rubber customers at home and abroad. Since 2005, Red Avenue has started to build its own R&D and technical service team. In 2006 and 2011, it established two R&D centers in Beijing and Shanghai, and won the National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate.

Based on strong independent research and development capabilities, Red Avenue has built and invested in production bases with a new generation of international standards in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places to promote the group's strategy of connecting the upstream and downstream industry chains and forming a complete integrated industry chain. It has the ability to produce high-purity alkylphenol PTBP, POP, olefin and phenolic resin, and its service scope has also expanded from chemical materials for tire rubber to automotive materials, general rubber and plastics, medical materials, food additives and many other fields.

In the context of the transformation of manufacturing in China, Red Avenue has established the corporate vision of "promoting the sustainable development of China's chemical industry in an innovative and responsible way", insisting on technological innovation and management innovation, and is committed to becoming a global leader in chemical industry. A chemical material manufacturer and service provider with competitive advantages in the industrial chain, making continuous contributions to the career development of customers and partners.

Red Avenue has gone through more than ten years of spring and autumn! After more than ten years of entrepreneurship and exploration, Red Avenue has grown from an exclusive agent and distributor relying on world-renowned chemical companies to a comprehensive enterprise group integrating marketing, logistics, information interaction, technical support, R&D and production. Looking back on the road of more than ten years, we have done three things right:

We have chosen the right business field: the rapid development of the rubber and tire industry has enabled us to rise rapidly. At the same time, its sustainable industry attributes have also built the foundation for our long-term development and a broad space for us to pursue better strategic prospects.

The right development model was chosen: we did not stop at the achievements made in cross-border trade, but took this as an entry point to expand vertically to the upstream of the industrial chain, and establish our industry status through an industrial chain in which production, research and sales complement each other. It ensures that we always have strategic depth and ease in the competition.

Choosing the right business fulcrum: We insist on discovering and guiding customer needs with an international perspective, and meeting the needs of rapid domestic growth with global industrial supply. It is this deep understanding of the international and domestic markets that drives the continuous progress of Red Avenue.

Looking forward to the future, Red Avenue will transition from the entrepreneurial stage to the sustainable development stage. We will still stick to the choices in these three aspects, and further refine the strategic positioning and implementation path of the new development stage, and clarify the corporate culture and values, so that Red Avenue always has the correct development direction and the driving force for sustainable development.