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REDAVENUE NEWS | 2021-05-08

Promote the Development of Degradable Materials Industry—Red Avenue New Materials ? BASF Forum on Sustainable Development

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Red Avenue New Materials ? BASF forum on sustainable development was held in Shanghai recently. The representatives from government, academia, industry and other sectors as well as partners in the biodegradable materials industry chain were invited to discuss the development and prospects of biodegradable materials, and share innovative solutions and excellent practical experience in various application fields.


Red Avenue New Materials ? BASF Forum Scene

This forum was a co-organize sustainability-related event after  BASF has signed a joint agreement with Red Avenue New Materials. On the forum, experts from different fields had an in-depth interpretation of biodegradable materials, especially biodegradable plastics and plastic recycling economy through policy analysis, industry analysis and standard setting, and made a comprehensive analysis and outlook on the challenges faced by relevant industries and the development trend in the future. As the host, BASF and Red Avenue New Materials demonstrated their own respective high-quality solutions in degradable materials.


Experts are having thematic discussions


Red Avenue New Materials sustainable solutions showcase

"We are very happy to co-host this event with Red Avenue New Materials, focusing on circular economy and plastic waste, and inspiring everyone to discuss sustainable development." On the forum, Dr. Ke Diwen, President and Chairman of BASF Greater China, mentioned in his speech. "Sustainable development is not only related to the well-being of this generation, but everything we create today will also affect the well-being of many other generations in the future."


Dr. Ke Diwen, President and Chairman of BASF Greater China, is delivering a speech

Mr. Jianhui Zhou, president of Red Avenue New Materials, also spoke highly of the event. " This sustainable development forum is another constructive cooperation between the two parties after signing a joint agreement with BASF in May this year. The forum not only allows the customers and the public to have a better understanding of the cooperation between Red Avenue New Materials and BASF in compostable plastics, but also It demonstrates the efforts made by both parties to promote the sustainable development of the new material industry. All the guests on the forum are sharing their knowledge and exchanging their ideas, which can drive the industrial innovation and provide new ideas for the sustainable development of the industry.

BASF has always attached great importance to the protection of  the environment and ecosystem. We are committed to the research and development of sustainable products, and through innovative technologies to enhance the value of material waste, providing products made by regenerate or recycle of raw materials to reduce carbon footprints.

In May of this year, BASF authorized Red Avenue New Materials to co-produce certified compostable copolyesters PBAT in China, which means that Red Avenue New Materials can produce and sell certified compostable copolyesters PBAT in accordance with BASF's high-quality standards. In addition, using the process technology of BASF, Red Avenue New Materials is building a biodegradable material project with a production capacity of 100,000 tons/year (60,000 tons in the first phase) in Shanghai, which is expected to be put into production in 2022.


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