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REDAVENUE NEWS | 2021-08-19

Ms.CindyChen Has Beenappointedas the Chief Scientist in the Field of Electronic Chemicals

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Recently, Red Avenue New Materials is pleased to appointMs. CindyChen as the chief scientist of the Electronic Chemical Materials Group, following Academician XuesiChen as the chief scientist of the degradable materials sector.

This means that Red Avenue New Materials has established a chief scientist system on the basis of a high-quality management team, R&D team, marketing team and production technical team.This is for the comprehensive development of electronic materials, biodegradable materials and other businesses, to strengthen the reserve of high-end talents, to establish a better talent reserve echelon, and to better support the company's sustainable development.

Ms. CindyChen is a leader in semiconductor photoresist, a high-level overseas talent in Beijing, a distinguished expert, an executive director of the Integrated Circuit Material Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, a winner of the March 8th Red Flag Medal in Beijing, and the founder of BeijingKempur Microelectronics.

We believe that Ms. CindyChen will playa core leading role in the company's electronic chemical materials business.

Since the beginning of this year, Red AvenueNew Materials insists on taking the overall situation with high-quality development, and the semiconductor photoresist has achieved a bumper harvest.

Relying on the R&D center, Red AvenueNew Materials focuses on improving independent innovation capabilities, developing patented technologies and independent intellectual property rights, and has a total of more than 100 R&D personnel.Up to now, a total of 479 intellectual property applications have been filed. During the reporting period, 16 newlyauthorized invention patents and 13 invention patent applications have been obtained.

In fact, the managementgroupof Red AvenueNew Materialshas high degree educationbackground, and has many years of research, production, and management experience in the fields of phenolic resin, rubber

additives, photoresist, degradable materials, and electronic chemicals, and uses its rich experience to guide the company's Strategic positioning, product development, production management and other links.

In the future, Red AvenueNew Materialswill continue to focus on the construction of talent echelon, plan career development channels for R&D technology, professionals, and skilled workers, and form a fair, competitive and stimulating human resource management system to ensure that the companycan keep up with industry development trends and buildapositivedevelopment atmosphere.


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