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About Red Avenue

The Red Avenue New Materials Group upholds the green development concept of "materials make the planet better", and has established the corporate vision of "promoting the sustainable development of the new material industry in an innovative and responsible manner". It also adheres to technological innovation and management innovation, contributing to customers and cooperation partners’ career development.

The Red Avenue New Materials Group Co., Ltd. is the world's leading comprehensive service provider of new materials. The company is located in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It has three lean manufacturing plants and two national laboratory R & D centers in China, and its business scope covers more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The Red Avenue New Materials Group is a member of AEPW (the alliance to end plastic waste) and the second Chinese enterprise to join the organization. Our service scope covers chemical materials, automotive materials, medical materials, electronic materials, environmental protection materials etc.

Made in China transformation era background, red avenue to establish "innovative and responsible way to promote China's chemical industry sustainable development" enterprise vision, adhere to technological innovation and management innovation, is committed to become a worldwide have the competitive advantage in the industry of chemical materials.

Based on the strong independent research and development ability, red avenue in Shanghai and jiangsu construction and investment is a new generation of international standard production base, in order to promote group well versed in, the downstream industry chain and forming a complete integration of the whole industrial chain strategy, has production of high-purity alkyl phenol PTBP, POP, olefin.

Looking back over the past decade

Tong cheng has been more than ten years! After more than ten years of entrepreneurship and exploration, tong cheng has grown from an exclusive distributor of well-known chemical enterprises in the world to a comprehensive enterprise group integrating marketing

Select the right business area

The rapid development of the rubber and tire industry enables us to rise rapidly. At the same time, its sustainable industry attributes also build the foundation of our long-term development.

The right development model

Instead of stopping at the achievements made in cross-border trade, we have taken this as the entry point to expand vertically to the upstream of the industrial chain, and established our industrial status through the complementary industrial chain of production.

Select the right operating fulcrum

Adhere to the international vision to find and guide customer demand, global industrial supply to meet the needs of rapid growth. It is this deep understanding of the international and domestic markets that drives tong cheng's continuous progress.

Looking ahead, tong cheng will transition from the stage of entrepreneurship to the stage of sustainable development. We will stick to the choice of these three aspects, and further refine the strategic positioning and implementation path of the new development stage, and clarify the corporate culture and values, so that tong cheng will always have the right development direction and the power of sustainable development.

No matter manage an enterprise, still be conduct oneself in the world, sincere and have letter all is the foundation of a life. In tong cheng group, integrity and uprightness is regarded as the vitality that the enterprise base industry grows green more. No matter facing customers, partners or employees, integrity is the basic principle we abide by. Only on this basis can we become a good corporate citizen with a strong sense of responsibility. We are honest with each other in our efforts. With the most appropriate and reliable products and services, win your trust and enhance mutual value.

We keep the spirit of contract in every cooperation. Strictly fulfilling all commitments to our partners is a strong cornerstone for our win-win future. Every communication we have comes from equality and friendship. We believe that open communication is an opportunity for us to exchange ideas and build consensus with each employee.

Integrity management, cherishing such as gold, believe in integrity, this is our common vitality.


To discover customer needs, meet customer needs, create customer needs as their own responsibility

Always grow with customers, through customer development and success, to achieve their value. Therefore, as a trustworthy partner, we focus on face-to-face information exchange with customers and suppliers, listen to customers' wishes, deeply analyze customers' specific needs, find new ways through close cooperation, and jointly develop solutions to meet personalized needs to enhance the competitiveness of customers and suppliers.


Create humanized enterprise culture, agglomerate to create brilliance

Employees are the most valuable resource of the enterprise. The enterprise formulates perfect career planning for each employee, encourages employees to innovate, create motive power, realize self-value and grow together with the enterprise.

Reasonable and fair employment mechanism

Pay attention to ability, exert potential, exert talent, make employees have a sense of belonging, increase centripetal force and cohesion, and realize their dreams.

A multi-faceted training system

We provide functional professional training for professionals at all levels, including professional skills, team business leadership skills and language skills, and provide extensive overseas training and technical exchange opportunities.

Full of humanistic staff care

We provide employees with a variety of security and benefits, such as the establishment of housing funds, relief funds and so on. And regular development training, tourism communication and other activities to improve staff coordination

The company goal

It has become a worldwide service provider of rubber tire materials with competitive advantages in the industry chain

Tong cheng national laboratory

National rubber industry information center membership certificate