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REDAVENUE ENWS | 2018-09-01

Sai Lun Jin Yu and group cooperation and innovation cooperat

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On March 16, Tongcheng Group Beijing Tongcheng Chuangzhan Technology Co., Ltd. and Sailun Jinyu Group Technology Research and Development Center "2015 Technical Cooperation Agreement" signing ceremony was held in Huangdao, Qingdao. The two companies signed a cooperation framework agreement in December 2013, confirming that the two sides have entered into a long-term, comprehensive strategic partnership, mutual research and testing base. Taking the "Framework Agreement" as an opportunity, after one year's pre-experimental study and preliminary preparation, the researchers of the two sides reached an agreement on the preferential cooperation intention in 2015 on the basis of encouraging progress and the principle of equality, mutual benefit and complementary advantages. The signing of this agreement will further confirm the supply and demand relationship between the two sides "raw material suppliers and finished product manufacturers" to the level of strategic cooperation and smoothly enter the stage of mutual trust and pragmatism.
The agreement was signed by Zhao Ruiqing, Executive Vice President of Sailun Jinyu Group and General Manager of Technology Research and Development Center, and Zhou Jianhui, President of Tongcheng Group. Nearly 20 researchers and researchers from both sides participated in the agreement. Both sides agree with their respective development concepts and corporate vision, and agree that under the "new normal", we should grasp the pulse of the industry through frank technical cooperation to ensure the sustained innovation and interest growth of both sides, and achieve common development. The two sides will continue to extract various major scientific and technological issues from the tire engineering technology practice, and in view of the actual needs of the international and domestic tire market, through multiple demonstrations to dynamically establish the joint implementation of the key issues, and for the future, carry out strategic, systematic advanced material research and tire performance The study will steadily enhance the core competitiveness of both sides in the upstream and downstream.
Zhao Ruiqing fully affirmed the technical strength of Tongcheng Group, and hoped that Tongcheng, as an important supplier of high-quality rubber additives, will work with Sailun Jinyu to promote the overall progress of China's tire industry. Zhou Jianhui said that with the rapid development of the "post-90s" enterprise group, follow-up cooperation with Sailun Jinyu will be conducive to Tongcheng in-depth understanding of customer needs, further explore and expand green, environmental protection, serialization, customization of high-quality rubber additives business, accelerate the transformation of new products market. Tongcheng Group will strive to provide quality, technology, price, service "four in place" innovative products for Sailun Jinyu Group and the industry as a whole, and ensure that all products provided have legal intellectual property rights.
It is reported that as of March 2015, Tongcheng Group has applied for 109 patents, including 78 invention patents and 21 effective invention patents, involving the synthesis of various phenolic resins, modified silica, new vulcanizing agents, new processing aids, innovative testing methods, manufacturing equipment and testing instruments. Advance and so on.
Chen Jianjun, Director of Material Research and Development of Sailun Jinyu Technology Research and Development Center, introduced Sailun Jinyu's innovative attempts in tire product research, as well as the software and hardware of the technology research and development center. He reviewed the achievements of recent cooperation in the field of testing, and hoped that the targeted cooperation in 2015 would help to introduce more new resins and rubber additives into the market. In the tire manufacturing field, and for the Sailun Jinyu key to create the "manufacturing technology department" to continuously deliver fresh blood. This year, the two sides will focus on the development and application of three special tire accessories projects, such as functional resins for tire tread, functional additives for silica and functional materials for improving rubber network structure, and will launch a series of shared technical cooperation with the goal of "improving tire profile level".
Doctor Dong Dong, who is in charge of Tongcheng Innovation Development, introduced the development of Tongcheng auxiliaries from the perspective of molecular tailoring of functional chemicals, and introduced the attempt of auxiliaries derivatization and customization based on "rubber network regulation and design of surface groups of rubber fillers".
In addition, the two sides have agreed to normalize the exchange of visits between front-line R&D personnel, and will make some innovative attempts in cooperative project management.
background information
Sailun Jinyu Group Technology Research and Development Center is composed of Sailun R&D Center and Jinyu Tire Research and Development Center. It is responsible for the R&D tasks of new products, new technologies, new processes and new materials. The center is located in Qingdao Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 40 mu, which was officially opened in November 2014.
The center has started a number of research projects based on SSBR, NdBR, highly dispersed silica, low hysteresis carbon black, functional resins, TAWI steel cord and other cutting-edge materials, and actively carried out external cooperation with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Bekart Company, Tongcheng Development and other units to carry out synthetic rubber additives, skeleton materials. Extensive cooperation in the development of new materials and application of new technologies. At present, we have successfully developed some new products, such as gilt edge tire, self-healing tire, air-shortage tire, wide base tire, foamed snow tire, intelligent tire combined with RFID and TPMS. In order to meet the research and development, testing and certification requirements of automotive tires, its Saiya tire testing ground project has entered the stage of substantial construction and implementation, which is expected to be completed in June 2017.
Founded in 1999, Tongcheng Group is one of the world's most important suppliers and service providers of chemical materials for tyre and rubber. On the basis of its own intellectual property rights, Tongcheng has invested in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places to build production bases with a new generation of international standards, linking up the upstream and downstream, and now has the ability to produce high-purity alkylphenol PTBP, PTOP, olefins and phenolic resins.
In 2006, Beijing Tongcheng Creative Development Technology Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in material product development, application testing and basic data testing, as well as tire analysis and research. In May 2011, Tongcheng Functional Materials Research and Development Center was set up in Shanghai, focusing on the Tongcheng Chemistry (China) Co., Ltd., which was set up in the same period. It specializes in the synthesis of innovative materials and the study of the mechanism of action. It also escorts the "environmental protection production and production of environmental protection products" of the group's factories.

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Established in 1999, tong cheng is one of the world's important chemical supplies and service providers for tire rubber