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REDAVENUE ENWS | 2018-09-01

Beijing graphene Research Institute, China's top graphene re

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On July 4, Zhang Guanglian, a member of the Party Group of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, and vice director of the Beijing Graphene Research Institute, took part in a team to conduct a research and discussion with President Liu Zhongfan on the progress of BGI construction and future development needs. Xu Xinchao, Director of Shuangxin Branch of Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Xiao Lan, Director of New Material Center, Li Ping, Deputy Director of Tiao Finance Department, relevant comrades of Policy and Regulation Department, Planning Department, Science and Propaganda Department, and Ren Tong, Director of Investment of Capital Development Group, etc. participated in the investigation. Wei Di, Executive Dean of Beijing Graphene Research Institute, Zhang Jin, Li Meng, Assistant Dean Peng Hailin and some BGI staff attended the forum.
President Liu Zhongfan led Zhang Guanglian's deputy director to visit the newly built R&D building of Beijing Graphene Research Institute, and introduced the exhibition hall, public instrument platform, research departments and laboratory construction of the Institute. At the symposium, President Liu Zhongfan gave a comprehensive introduction to the work progress, future planning and development needs of Beijing Graphene Research Institute.

President Liu Zhongfan said that after more than a year of construction, the Institute has made important progress in various aspects: Beijing Graphene Research Institute Co., Ltd. registered; the first phase of 9000 square meters R&D building completed decoration; equipment procurement in place more than 60 sets, a total value of more than 30 million yuan; the formation of more than 60 management and R&D team 5 R&D departments and 2 R&D centers have been set up, and more than 20 international leading scientific and technological achievements, such as ultra-clean graphene, 4-inch single crystal graphene and graphene-based third-generation semiconductor lighting, have been formed, and more than one R&D platform - "enterprise R&D OEM" center has been set up to lead graphene industry. The establishment of a new world-class R & D institution has laid a solid foundation.


The two sides exchanged talks on the progress and future development of BGI. Deputy director Zhang Guanglian gave full recognition to the achievements made in BGI construction. He said that BGI had made rapid progress in building renovation, personnel recruitment and equipment procurement before the government funds were in place. The achievements were gratifying and fully demonstrated the spirit of doing real work. He said that the first is to further strengthen contacts with experts and researchers, "go into experts, trust experts", to further investigate the project, strengthen understanding; the second is to comb and report the research as soon as possible, and actively strive for and implement the relevant support to the Beijing Graphene Research Institute. Director Zhang Guanglian put forward suggestions on the follow-up development of Beijing Graphene Research Institute. Comrades from different departments also gave answers and suggestions to the corresponding problems from their respective business point of view.
President Liu Zhongfan thanked the Municipal Science and Technology Commission for its support and trust. He expressed the hope that with the support of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and other departments, he would speed up the construction of the Beijing Graphene Research Institute and explore a new world-class R&D institution and a new mode of collaborative innovation and development of "government, industry, University and research". In particular, he stressed the importance of mechanism innovation. The mechanism design of "Core Technology + R&D OEM" by Beijing Graphene Research Institute ensures that both R&D and R&D around the future industrial core technology layout can be carried out, and technology research and application transformation can be carried out according to a more flexible mechanism oriented to the market. During the period of China's economic transformation and upgrading, the development of hi-tech industry has provided a new model for reference.

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