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REDAVENUE ENWS | 2018-09-01

Group Subsidized Project: The Second Training of Pediatric S

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On October 29, 2014, the second session of "Training of Pediatric Specialists in Central and Western China" of Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College was successfully concluded. The hospital held a grand graduation ceremony for the trainees. The project of "Training of Pediatric Specialists in Central and Western China" is sponsored by Tongcheng Group for three years. It aims to provide free pediatric professional training for doctors in central and Western China, improve their clinical medical level and standardized diagnosis and treatment ability, and benefit children in remote areas of China. It has a very positive and far-reaching significance.
This year's project enrolled 35 refresher doctors from 32 hospitals in 13 provinces and autonomous regions, including 3 senior titles and 19 intermediate titles. In the course of the training, Xinhua Hospital fully opened up the clinical, scientific and educational resources of pediatrics. The trainees participated in the rotational study and outpatient training of nine sub-specialties in pediatric internal medicine, including respiration, heart, nerve, emergency (critical medicine), blood, kidney, rheumatic immunity, infection, neonates and so on. Training in pediatric department of Neurosurgery, rehabilitation, child care, pediatric department of orthopedics and other departments. At the same time, a total of 16 chief physicians, 16 deputy chief physicians and 27 attending physicians participated in the training. Starting from the "three bases" of clinical work, the width and depth of students'thinking in clinical work were gradually expanded, and the clinical medical level of the students was significantly improved.

At the graduation ceremony, Vice President Li Jinsong and Director Chen Lei made speeches to summarize the training work and commend the trainees who got the title of "excellent refresher physician". Relevant department directors and outstanding refresher physicians also made speeches. They encouraged each other and made joint efforts to make new contributions to the development of Pediatrics in China.
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